Linxa Connect Voice

Linxa Connect Voice offers automation, efficiency, high-performance, real-time monitoring and a secure solution, to guarantee success in the Wholesale Voice market:

Powerful Technology Behind the Scenes


Linxa’s innovative Connect Voice solution is designed to address all of todays and future challenges faced by Wholesale Telecom operators. All features and functionalities have been integrated into a single platform that simplifies and automates the full end-to-end management of the wholesale Voice business. Linxa Connect Voice has all the features and functions with optimal level of automation that is needed to efficiently manage pricing, routing, monitoring and invoicing for the best possible performance. This enables real-time decision making to simplify, optimize, grow and increase profitability.

Integrated platform offering a full end to end solution with high levels of automation

The Linxa platform has been developed to automate and simplify each aspect of the wholesale Voice ecosystem, making it easy to rapidly serve new demand and grow your business. Rating, routing, billing and monitoring features are integrated into a simple but powerful web-based user interface with different but secure user access levels with full traceability and audit.

Certain modules / functions can be offered as standalone features if required.

Unparalleled performance, flexibility and control

Linxa’s unique architecture allows extremely high levels of performance, coupled with controlled automation, bringing new levels of efficiencies and flexibility to commercial and business processes. Linxa’s multilevel routing optimization defines optimum traffic distribution by taking into account multiple criteria such as cost, quality, bi-lateral and contractual commitments. Linxa’s enhanced reconciliation and dispute process functionality allows full control of cost and financial management.

Rapid, flexible integration and deployment

With the importance of business continuity and time to market, Linxa’s robust yet flexible integration methodology allows customers to run their business without any interruptions during the implementation of the Linxa Connect platforms and migrate their existing business seamlessly. Linxa takes commitments seriously and ensure to meet and even exceed deadlines without compromising quality.


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