Apelby Upgrades its International Voice Business with the Linxa Connect Voice Platform

Apelby has transformed its International voice business with Linxa’s uniquely architectured solution, ‘Linxa Connect Voice Platform’, giving them the ability to future-proof their business, be flexible and scale with ease.

Linxa, the wholesale telecom software platform leader, is pleased to announce that Apelby Communications, a global voice wholesaler, has chosen the Linxa Connect voice platform to transform its international voice business.

The Linxa Connect voice platform is a fully integrated end-to-end telecom management solution which seamlessly supports and automates voice wholesale processes, from rate management, to routing, quality and deal management, all the way to billing, dispute management, fraud detection and real-time reporting.

The uniquely architecture solution empowers high levels of automation, agility and efficiencies, which has enabled Apelby to re-engineer and enhance their business processes. This in turn has allowed them to optimize their flexibility, creativity, and proactivity, traits that are at the core of today’s leading international wholesale voice carriers.

‘We are excited to support Apelby in their strategic growth and delighted to have them join our rapidly growing list of reputable wholesale customers. Our Linxa Connect platform will provide Apelby with many enhanced functions and features, as well as high levels of automation, which will allow them to significantly increase efficiencies, revenues and control. In addition, having access to the accurate, real-time information the platform provides, this at a click of a button, will empower them to successfully manage and grow their wholesale voice business for many years to come’, says Kunal Dave, VP Global Sales at Linxa.

‘Migrating our voice business to the Linxa Connect voice platform has been a game changer for us, has it gives us the real-time tools, capabilities and features that we require to continue accelerate our growth strategy and provide our customers with the best-in-breed international voice services they demand. The project has been on time and on budget with ease, thanks to both the Linxa and Apelby teams great motivation and relationship’ says Emil Kovac, CEO at Apelby.

Looking forward, the Linxa Connect voice platform will continue to evolve, with new features and functionalities, which will give Apelby the ability to grow their business with flexibility and creativity.



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