TeleYemen Transforms its International Voice Business with the Linxa Connect Voice Platform

TeleYemen has fully transformed its International voice business with the deployment of Linxa Connect Voice, combined with advanced SIP Proxy Integration, giving it the automation and efficiency they require in today’s fast evolving voice market.

Linxa, the wholesale telecom software platform leader, is pleased to announce that TeleYemen, the sole licensed provider of international telecommunication services in Yemen, has chosen the Linxa Connect Voice Platform to transform its international voice business.

TeleYemen has deployed Linxa Connect fully onsite in Yemen and is now running live traffic through the platform. The deployment of this solution, combined with advanced SIP Proxy Integration, brings greatly needed automation, real-time information and application to TeleYemen’s network.

For example, having access to real-time reporting will enable TeleYemen’s voice team to make decisions based on accurate management information available at their fingertips so it can in turn make any required adjustment to the network within minutes. The result is a highly efficient, agile and leading quality International voice service.

‘We are thrilled to have TeleYemen go live with our Linxa Connect voice platform. This deployment gives them the ability to automate their processes and therefore enjoy enhanced financial and human resources efficiency. It also gives them the opportunity to grow revenue, margin and improve costs significantly, thanks to the features and functions of our dynamic solution’ says Kunal Dave, VP Global Sales at Linxa.

‘Thanks to the Linxa Platform and its SIP Proxy integration, TeleYemen can now enhance its network with additional functionalities, as well as make alterations to its routing and network in real-time as often as required. It allows us the flexibility to be more creative commercially, something that is invaluable to our team in today’s fast evolving environment’ says Rasheed Al-Mohallel, Voice Head at TeleYemen.



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