Linxa Wins Big at the Annual CC Global Awards 2018 in Berlin

The Carrier Community and industry peers have awarded Linxa the Best Voice Service Innovation and Best Innovative Software Provider at CC Global Awards 2018.

BERLIN, 18 June 2018 – Linxa, a leading Wholesale Telecoms platform provider, has been recognized by the Carrier Community for Best Service Innovation and Best Innovative Service Provider at its annual CC Global Awards in Berlin. It adds the renowned GCCM awards to an already impressive list of accolades for its innovative platform. Linxa was also shortlisted for the Customer Experience Excellence award during the CEE 2018 GCCM event.

Global Carrier Community awards celebrate innovation and achievement in the Telecoms industry. The Carrier Community and a panel of industry peers have recognized Linxa as an innovative platform provider that is accelerating the growth of Service Providers across the globe. The Linxa Connect Wholesale Management Platform simplifies the full end-to-end management of the Wholesale communication business and enables real-time decision making to simplify, optimize and grow profitability in Voice.

“Our success comes from our partner’s growth. We are focused on delivering the simplest path to profitability and giving them all the tools they need to successfully grow their business,” said Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO at Linxa. “It’s great to be recognized for our hard work and it truly reflects our efforts in transforming Wholesale Telecoms. We’d like to thank the Global Carrier Community for their continued support of Linxa.”

The Best Voice Service Innovation award and the Best Innovative Software Provider award at the CC Global Awards 2018 builds on Linxa’s previous success at the Global Carrier Awards in 2017. Linxa was recognized as the leader in the Best Voice Service Innovation – Mature Market category. It has continued its innovation with its Telecoms management platform to create a faster path to profitability for its partners.

“Innovating our platform and simplifying each aspect of Wholesale Telecoms for our partners is a huge priority for us. We want to make it easy for Communication Providers around world to automate their Telecoms operations and serve new demand. We’re looking forward to growing our platform, serving our partners and transforming the industry with our technology,” said Kunal Dave, Head of Global Sales at Linxa.



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